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Jul. 4th, 2009

low key day.
max had to work this morning and i had to sleep because my messed up sleep has been further compounded by something the doctor gave me which she said might help me sleep. only it just makes me sleep later and feel groggier, which is anti-helpful.
max is going to start having tuesdays off rather than saturday, which is a little stupid but it will be nice to have him on a weekday.

my parents wanted us to come over, but neither of us were feeling to great and the heat has been making me sick lately so i said we were going to stay in. we had hello kitty shaped waffles and soysauge for dinner. which was crazy tasty.

then we decided to go out and see what the neighbors were setting off. people next door and the people across from them were doing fireworks together, so we pulled out our camp chairs and were neighborly. everyone else in the neighborhood were doing illegal ones, so i pulled some out of my stash to contribute. turned out pretty good considering they are pretty old, and i have no idea what the expiration date on fireworks is. two of them threw off some cardboard bits that sort of rained down, but nobody but me got hit and they weren't hot.
so we were actually social for a bit.

then max got sleepy because he is an old man so we came back in. but we made an appearance and it was pretty nice.


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