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i should know better than to tempt fate by brushing my teeth when i already feel that nauseous.

i think i barfed out my nose a little. so, that's new.
netflix has decided that i don't need to sleep by putting all of the x-files on instant watch.

plus i have too much nervous energy. i am all excited and anxious about my trip and getting everything i need to get done done by then.

also mothra has invaded my room and then hid so i am afraid that it is going to jump out and attack me and then i will yell and flail and fall down which is sort of rude when people are sleeping a floor below me.

at least i have successfully completed my finals, and it looks like i will be getting better grades than i initially anticipated which is nice since this term has been a struggle for sure. i looked up classes for the fall, and i have six! which is alot more than i thought. this also means i might have to do math next summer and "graduate" a little later than i meant to. but that doesn't much matter.

the cup i am drinking out of tastes a little soapy and something in my room keeps giving me whiffs of what smells like braggs liquid aminos which is sort of a bad smell. its very irritating.

Nov. 13th, 2009

roommates are trying to kill me by burning down the house. woke up to the over timer beeping and went down to see the oven on and the food inside burning and no car or roommate in sight. tried calling to no avail. very extremely panicked freaking out on my part. thinking they left the oven on with food in it and left the house. worked out in the end but jesus. i don't need that.

guess that means these crappy pills they have me on aren't working. they make me so dizzy i feel it in my teeth and have to lie down the three times a day i have to take them, but panic not reduced. awesome. last time i was at the doctor she said i am pretty much out of medication options. save for valium which i think would help but she doesn't want to give me. also she thinks i am ocd a little. i disagree with her. we have a meeting in a week so we'll see whats up then.

also they left the stove on tonight after leaving to a friend's house.

twice! in one day. definitely trying to kill me.
i am so awesome for getting the last used copy of a book i last minute needed from the bookstore on the first day of school. hurray for me!
augh. i am too excited to sleep.
stupid new jersey held my sister hostage yesterday so she didn't get home. hopefully she is on a plane right now and will be here in a few hours.
i tried to get some sleep last night early and did sleep for a while but now i can't and have been up since max left for work at 4:30. i can't ever sleep when i have something exciting or scary to do the next day. knowing i have to be somewhere at a certain time when its before i am normally up makes me so nervous that i can't get to sleep because i think about how much time left to sleep i have and just keep myself awake.
i am just so antsy to have some sister time. at least i got a few in so i should be ok for the day its just a matter of getting the hours to pass until its time to pick her up.

Jul. 29th, 2009

also, i love how max is like me in that having the house at comfortable temperatures is a priority. honestly i would wear a burlap sack and eat top ramen as long as the house is cool. rumor has it that its supposed to be 108 today which is insanity. it is a glorious 68 in here at all times. i love you air conditioning and the nice boy who pays for it.

Jul. 4th, 2009

low key day.
max had to work this morning and i had to sleep because my messed up sleep has been further compounded by something the doctor gave me which she said might help me sleep. only it just makes me sleep later and feel groggier, which is anti-helpful.
max is going to start having tuesdays off rather than saturday, which is a little stupid but it will be nice to have him on a weekday.

my parents wanted us to come over, but neither of us were feeling to great and the heat has been making me sick lately so i said we were going to stay in. we had hello kitty shaped waffles and soysauge for dinner. which was crazy tasty.

then we decided to go out and see what the neighbors were setting off. people next door and the people across from them were doing fireworks together, so we pulled out our camp chairs and were neighborly. everyone else in the neighborhood were doing illegal ones, so i pulled some out of my stash to contribute. turned out pretty good considering they are pretty old, and i have no idea what the expiration date on fireworks is. two of them threw off some cardboard bits that sort of rained down, but nobody but me got hit and they weren't hot.
so we were actually social for a bit.

then max got sleepy because he is an old man so we came back in. but we made an appearance and it was pretty nice.
trying the cream i was given to put on my dry arms. mostly it just burns like the dickens. this is why i cannot do lotion and creams and whatnot. it burns! i want to tear my skin off. i hate stuff on my skin.
and its just my arms. its 80billion times worse when i try stuff on my face.
although i do admit the facewash they gave me was nice and gentle and now my face feels soft. so maybe i will work up the courage to try that brand's lotion/cream as it is made for people with stupid skin.

grah. itchy.

Jun. 11th, 2009

just finished my final for medical terminology. i added up all my scores and i think i am getting a high B which is just fine by me. that class was much more difficult that i expected. and of course i am going to promptly forget everything because my short term memory cells are crap.

so now it summer for me. yay! i have grand plans to re-arrange the bedroom, but it might take me a while to get to it. i have been sleeping vampire hours again.

miss leah made me a birthday cake on monday because she is going to be away on vacation for my birthday.

um. i don't know what else. i am boring.
i just wanted a bagel sandwich, but no.
first my toaster didn't want to work right and burned the crap out of the last bagel. well, thats ok, i can scrape that off.
then i get like half through it and it suddenly tastes bad and i find a huge moldy spot on the turkey.
so i try not to barf and throw it away.

i really hope i don't get sick. but the more i think about it, the more my tummy hurts.

now i am too sad over utterly failing at making a sandwich to make anything else.
hungry and sad is a lame combination.

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