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Feb. 3rd, 2009

this is the best commercial ever.

well imagine my surprise when i got up to pee and look out the window just now to see that it has been snowing again and darned if it isn't already fairly thick.
what the crap? it was seriously pouring rain all day so it must have been doing some serious snowing to stick everywhere despite the very wet ground.

although big fat wet flakes are far easier to deal with than what we had before.

but this is just crazyness. it doesn't snow like this here.

at least max is right here and not in another state this time. take that snow!

just a view out the window a few minutes ago.

also, i am awesome for figure out how to take apart the shower knob and adjusting the hot water ratio. snow calls for decently hot showers.
i stepped out the back door to see how deep the snow was in the early afternoon. it was fairly deep then, and not so surprising- cold.

later i suited up in boots and layers and went for a little walk down the block to the park.

it was much deeper then. i thought i had my pants folded into high enough cuffs to avoid getting snow in them. clearly i did not do a good enough job.
i had to try and take my pants off without dumping snow all over the house. and they are now hanging to dry.

i haven't gotten nearly enough done today. i kept getting distracted by everything. the back of the truck is almost completely full of snow. although now its not snowing anymore so it will probably change soon.

taking pictures of snow is hard. i wish there was such a thing as half strength flash. oh well.

i can't sleep. somehow it is simultaneously too hot and too cold in the house. bah.
the snow is lovely. its finally snowing as much as they have been saying it would all week.
i don't need to go anywhere really so thats good. i have something to pick up from the library in the next two days, but i can always just put it on my list again if i can't get there in time. i'm not even sure if the library is going to be open if i were to venture out that way.
i am hunkered in frantically trying to finish christmas presents and making split pea soup. and i keep burning my mouth with tea.

i'm worried about max being able to get back from vegas tomorrow if the snow keeps up. as much as i like snow, i would much rather have max back. the house makes scary sounds when he isn't here to protect me. i am compromising by wearing his clothes and stomping around like i'm him. its not working that well.

ok. stop getting distracted me. i have alot of stuff to make. back to work.
going to this alumni thing was more stressfull than i had anticipated. spend most of the time being a jerk not because a i am a jerk but mostly because i felt like i was going to vomit everywhere. people give me hives and make me feel pukey. was nice seeing just about one person but i doubt the feeling was mutual. ce'st la vie.

went out to other not expensive places afterwards. less stressfull.

i spent most of the day drinking when you think about it. started out with a wine tasting, then the alumni thing, then two more bars after that. i am exhausted. i loves my sister but we are on different coast's times and i just suck at the early hours we have been doing.
i am still sad she goes home tomorrow.

off to cozy bed. mmmm sleep.
man, so whats up with that obama/jeff merkely ad?

today leah and max and i went to mississippi pizza to watch the weekly spelling bee. it was lots of fun to watch, and it was short enough that we were home in time to settle in before heroes was on.

also i put a little purple in my hair. there are like negative jobs right now and its not so much that it isn't removable should i luck myself into finding something.

rummage is this week. for the first time ever i am not skipping class to go to the presale. i am going to help out on the next day doing money running. then home after to do the halloween thing if we can figure out what we are doing for that.

sleep now, class tomorrow.

Oct. 27th, 2008

oh my its been a while.

basically i alternate between school days and lazy days. i was originally taking two classes this term, but then a week of panic and badness quickly reduced it down to just one. so i am doing japanese. its ok. i am starting over so i have a bit of an advantage. leah's boyfriend is taking the class with me so i have a buddy. we still have to do partner work with strangers though and those days are a little less fun.

on off days i am mostly lazy. been working on halloween stuff. i made a world of warcraft tabard for max. he is all kinds of excited about it.
i did it because he was freaked out about taxes. his property taxes came back as over twice what he was told they would be. so he does not have enough saved. thankfully his parents are willing to help. but the poor kid was thrown for quite a loop. also we are back together.

i got new glasses on friday. they are large and nerdly looking, but i like them. plus i actually look into them, rather than over the top of them. its taking a while to adjust but i think i will be used to them soon.

yesterday leah, jake and myself went to the big zombie walk downtown. i did their makeups and ran out of time so didn't dress up myself. but thats ok. i got really sick on saturday so i wasn't feeling so hot anyway. it was pretty fun, but there was a huge amount of people there. so we had to go early because i am a jerk and was feeling overwhelmed and sicky.

i took some pictures but don't have them off my camera yet.

i don't know what else. been thinking too much about liars and jerks lately. and dreaming of old friends who aren't friends anymore. wish i wouldn't but can't control that.

Aug. 31st, 2008

bisquit is going to break my arm with her headbutts. soccer hooligan in a past life? me thinks so.

she is so weird though. i move and she runs away. then cries. then comes right back and headbutts me for pets. but if i move to fast she just runs away again.
yesterday i managed to take pictures of us to prove that we existed in the same space.
but she made friends with max today because he is a cat magnet. i guess he just has a comfy lap or something.

my ears have been bothering me for like a month now. it is really annoying. some days they hurt, some days they are plugged. and some days they seem fine to lull me into a false sense of security only to spring pain on me.

Aug. 29th, 2008

it only took five days, but bisquit is letting me give her tummy skritches.
she sure is a fickle kitty.
i was going to let her go out today, but she didn't come out of hiding until after it was dark.

i'm sleepy but i really do not want to sleep. i want to do everything else but sleeping.

i think i might venture up woodstock tomorrow to the thai resturant i saw.

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