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netflix has decided that i don't need to sleep by putting all of the x-files on instant watch.

plus i have too much nervous energy. i am all excited and anxious about my trip and getting everything i need to get done done by then.

also mothra has invaded my room and then hid so i am afraid that it is going to jump out and attack me and then i will yell and flail and fall down which is sort of rude when people are sleeping a floor below me.

at least i have successfully completed my finals, and it looks like i will be getting better grades than i initially anticipated which is nice since this term has been a struggle for sure. i looked up classes for the fall, and i have six! which is alot more than i thought. this also means i might have to do math next summer and "graduate" a little later than i meant to. but that doesn't much matter.

the cup i am drinking out of tastes a little soapy and something in my room keeps giving me whiffs of what smells like braggs liquid aminos which is sort of a bad smell. its very irritating.


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Jun. 12th, 2010 06:10 pm (UTC)
Haha I have been putting netflix for when I do sewing projects thanks to your kind soul for letting us use your ps3 netfliz dvd thingy. I too saw all the x-files seasons on and was like wha!? but is is kind of an old series now that I think of it haha. Yay for finals being done and good grades incoming. whee!

ps don't hurt mothra ~.^
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